Useful Tips on Teaching your Child to Read

It may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but the truth is you can easily teach your child to read if you only provide some patience. Teaching children is an art and it involves some key elements like patience, encouragement, and intelligence.

In order to teach your child to read you need to keep a few things and concepts in your mind. You will have to imply them in such a way that the information does not become too overwhelming to the child.

Have you ever wondered why children like to play almost all the time? Well, that’s because it is fun! Make reading fun and I bet you will see kids loving every aspect of it.

Now, I tell you if you grab a small thin book or a novel and sit by your child and start asking him or her to read it, the truth is, you have already taken the first step towards making your child absolutely, “dislike” reading.

The first step is the most important step. What matters, is, how you introduce the world of “reading” to your child. Do you introduce it as a tedious job or do you introduce it as a loving fun way of passing time and gaining valuable information?

Children love recognizing pictures and they take it as a challenge and you, the parent, plays a critical role here. So, say you have a picture of an apple. How do you ask your child to say it? Not “apple” but “a…..pple”. You say the “a” sound first and then follow the rest of it after that.

Now, what would this do? This would familiarize your child with the letter A. If your child gets stuck then you can make that same sound again and the kid will be able to finish the whole word for you. You can move on to next alphabets as you get along well and start to see some positive response from the child.

I would personally suggest that you wait before you hand in a book to your kid and ask him/her to read it. By “book” I mean where there is a lot of writing without pictures. Take one step at a time and try to make it fun for as long as you can while your child is still too young.

Teaching kids to read through unique ways

It turns out that teaching kids to read is a very time-consuming process. Are you a parent who is looking for some unique methods to teach reading skills to your child? Do you know that you could use learning games on the internet to help your child gain various reading skills?

A lot of young children find learning a tedious job and that is because when we use the word “learning”, it seems like a lot of work. Therefore, if we could find a way that could take the “work” factor out of it and make it more enjoyable exercise I’m sure kids will enjoy it more.

Learning games act as a brilliant teaching tool that can easily develop a child’s brain power. Such games also involve solving puzzles which not only help your child to learn but also develop his/her mind power and problem-solving skills. You, the parents, are your child’s first teachers and even for parents, this method is more fun because they can involve themselves in it. I mean, who doesn’t like solving puzzles?

Studies have shown that almost all kinds of children love playing around with the computer. So while they are learning to read they are not only doing that but also gaining computer skills which will benefit them throughout their life. I hardly see schools these days that do not have computers in their curriculum.

I indeed suggest that you take this step towards your child’s learning very quickly. You never have to force your child to get into something that he/she doesn’t want to. But I can assure you that almost every kid will enjoy such a reading learning process. At a young age, learning how to read properly is the only skill that a child needs and when they possess that skill they just make the whole process of further schooling a whole lot easier.

If you teach your child the smart way and it catches the Magic of Storytelling, the fact is you will end up making your child a smart person and we all know that this way you are making him/her ready for the age of technology at a very young age.

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