Teacher Interest Groups

Teacher Interest Groups Ka Hui Heluhelu is always looking for new ways to support teacher professional development. Ongoing professional development and conversation with colleagues and mentors are more effective in bringing about change in instructional practices than a single conference or event.

Therefore KHH is supporting ongoing teacher interest groups that meet throughout the school year. Progress folio Group The Ka Hui Heluhelu Progress folio interest group is part of KHH’s literacy outreach to teachers. This group originated six years ago when a few teacher friends from different schools were sitting around a table discussing student involved assessment. We were all exploring ways to actively involve our students in their own learning and were struggling to come up with an understanding of how portfolios, reflection, and assessment all fit together.

We shared our struggles, successes, and the changes we noticed in our students and ourselves. From our stories, we noticed many similarities and developed a greater understanding of each of these pieces and how they fit O’ahu – News from Ka Hui Heluhelu together. The “aha” moment!

Each of us had a greater understanding of our work than we had come with. Each of us was inspired to get back into the classroom and take the next step . . . and knew our conversations had to continue if we were to continue to grow as teachers. We knew that there must be other teachers out there who were interested in exploring student involved assessment. . . and the progress folio group was formed.

The Progress folio interest group is now in its fifth year and continues to grow. At our last meeting, there were over 40 people representing 18 schools. We (classroom teachers from public and private schools, district office resource teachers, and administrators,) continue to share struggles and successes with each other and grow, taking away new understandings and ideas to try out in our schools and classrooms.

In August we discussed getting started with progress folios and first steps. In September we learned more about the new report card and ways that teachers are connecting the progress folio with the standards.

With the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards in place and the new report card coming our way, it is essential that we find ways to involve our students in the language of assessment, ongoing reflection of their progress toward reaching standards, and the compilation of evidence of learning in meaningful and efficient ways.

Elemiddle Interest Group ALOHA MAI . . . We are a group of upper elementary and middle school teachers who desire ongoing professional development and dialogue with like-minded colleagues. We meet monthly to share our classroom struggles and successes, discuss professional books and articles in literacy, and envision how we can improve current instructional practices or implement new ideas. We are currently reading Vision and Voice by Linda Rief. The book is available through Heinemann online.

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